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Sony's Alpha Female Plus Grants Now Available for Women Photographers and Videographers

Sony's Alpha Female Plus grant program

Sony's Alpha Female Plus grant program is looking for female photographers and videographers. The program is offering a $5,000 grant, a full-frame Sony camera and lens, and more to help with create projects.
The female-specific movement aims to address any imbalance, and their ambassadors empower others, create extraordinary art that challenges tradition, fight for important causes, and hold the torch of creativity to light the way for those coming behind them.

According to the program, "the visual creator industry needs diverse voices to thrive and reach new heights." For this reason, they are on a mission to support the growth of underrepresented voices in photography, videography, and filmmaking and provide a platform for creators across the artistic spectrum furthering this mission with their work.

The deadline to apply is usually in February.

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