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Need Startup Money? -- Ask 37 Angels

Women entrepreneurs still have a challenge when it comes to funding their startup companies. But the good news is that there are an increasing amount of investors willing to help, like 37 Angels.

37 Angels is community of women angel investors focused on helping female investors find and apply for funding from the world's top accelerators. The name for the venture capital group comes from the fact that 13 percent of angel investors are women and they want that number to be 50 percent. Angel investors are affluent individuals who inject capital for startups in exchange for ownership equity or convertible debt.

Important networks

Accelerator programs are always seeking motivated, high-growth startups. 37 Angels offers a network of hundreds of open accelerator programs that span almost 50 different industries. They also provide startup legal, accounting, and financial tools and services.

The company's Gust Launch program guides startups through the process of honing their application and connecting with the right investors. Thousands of companies have used their profile to collectively raise over $1 billion through the Gust angel network.

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