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STEM Scholarships, Awards and Grants for Women in Indiana

Scholarship and grant recipients

Leading Light Awards and Scholarship has joined with Partners and Friends in the Indiana STEM community to celebrate Indiana's women in STEM, and have announced over $35,000 in scholarships and grants to women and girls pursuing STEM careers.
In light of COVID-19, women in STEM are persistent risk-takers, leaders, educators, and mentors resolved in changing the local STEM scene are being recognized, for pressing academic and career funding now more than ever.

$20,000 in scholarship awards will be granted: A $5K scholarship to the overall top graduate female STEM student, a $5K scholarship to the overall top undergraduate female STEM student, a $5K scholarship to the overall top high school senior female STEM student, and a $5K to the overall top professional development female STEM student.

The deadline each year is usually July 1st.

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