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How to Choose Core Values for a Woman-Owned Company

How to Choose Core Values for Your Company

When you first begin your business, you have a vision. Everything from the company culture to the marketing approach starts out as a concept in your mind as a businesswoman. As such, you have the power to mold your business into what you want, with the values you establish. Company values are crucial to establishing an image for your business as they help your consumers relate to and identify with you. Learn how to choose core values for your company and start on the right track.

Consider Your Company Mission Statement

As you define your company values, use your mission statement as a reference. Since this statement acts as a summary of your company goals and motivation, it’s only natural that it also directly correlates to your values. Try taking your base mission and separating it into various corresponding values.

Develop a Written List

Once you come up with general ideas, it’s crucial that you write them down to reference later. This is a great opportunity to make your values more specific and create concrete ideas that you’ll use for marketing and branding purposes. When doing this, however, make sure these values are clear enough for your audience to understand.

Showcase Them as Part of Your Brand

After developing these values, apply them to other aspects of your business. This will help your customers better identify the human behind the business and recognize you as a trustworthy source. It’s also important that you show your values to your potential hires as well to let them know what kind of business you run and what you strive for.

Practice What You Preach

Putting your established company values into practice is the most crucial step in solidifying your brand and company image out in the market. This is because your consumers want to see that you aren’t all talk and that you legitimately care about certain issues. For instance, if you strive to be an eco-friendly company, make sure that you implement ways to make your business greener. Ultimately, your actions will speak louder than your words.