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How to Improve Workplace Productivity Using Technology

How to Improve Workplace Productivity Using Technology

So many people make the mistake of thinking technology is bad for productivity, but in fact, it can improve productivity if you use it right. Now, we’re not saying let all your employees use social media when they want to because we all know that won’t work. This article is going to introduce a few ways technology can improve your workplace productivity at your female-owned business.

The Speed and Reliability of Your Internet Can Make or Break Your Business

It’s probably safe to say that most, if not all, businesses rely on the internet to operate. So, you should ensure that you have a solid internet connection and provider. However, before you go running to change your current internet provider, there are a few things you can do to increase office internet speed. If you’ve exhausted those options, then you can move on to possibly changing providers.

Start Using a Team Chat

Instead of sending an email just to get a brief answer, consider using a team chat such as Google Hangout or Microsoft Teams. Save emails for sending documents, spreadsheets, and longer messages, otherwise, the receiver will lose your brief message because naturally, everyone thinks their email is urgent. An additional benefit of team chats is it encourages collaboration and communication by offering a platform for everyone to easily communicate as a group.

Incorporate a Chatbot for Customer Service

Now, we get it, chatbots can seem spammy on some sites, but there’s a right way and a wrong way to use them. Here’s the wrong way—customers shouldn’t get a pop-up with a chatbox the moment they land on your site; it feels extremely spammy and no one likes pop-ups. The right way is to have a hovering box on your website that someone can click on to easily get help, but it shouldn’t be yelling at your customers. The reason chatbots can improve productivity is that customers tend to ask frequent questions, and chatbots can handle those questions, while workers handle more complex cases. In fact, chatbots have become so sophisticated that they can even complete basic orders for customers.

Adopt A Cloud-Based Project Management Tool

Again, to encourage collaboration, tools such as Trello and Asana can save all your tasks in one place for employees to work from. These tools help teams avoid losing important notes that are important to the task, they even allow you to upload documents, spreadsheets, and more. In other words, cloud-based project management tools help workers collaborate and keep all the project’s information and tasks in one centralized place.

By now, you know how technology can improve your workplace productivity, and maybe some ideas of tools to incorporate into your business today. Adopt some, or all these tools for your business as a female owner to show the world who’s really the boss.