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Fun Careers for Working Moms Who Love to Organize

African American working mom

Organizing is a chore for some and a passion for others. If you can’t get enough of watching organizational gurus such as Marie Kondo or reading about organizational methods, you may benefit from a career change. Utilizing creativity and passion in the workplace translate to well-rounded and happy lives overall. Check out these fun careers for people who love to organize.

Travel Agent

Travel agents get to plan vacations - for a living! Granted, if you become a travel agent, you need to keep in mind you’re planning vacations for other people to go on. Therefore, you’ll need to take their desires and budgets into consideration, but it still is super fun. If the thought of making exciting daily itineraries sounds like an appealing task to you, you may have a secret calling to become a travel agent.

Museum Archivist

Museum archivist may sound like a dull job; looking at old artifacts all day isn’t the most appealing thing to modern creatives, but the job is to organize them. You would get to create your very own organizational system, implement it, and watch as it makes the lives of the archeologists and other “ologists” leaps and bounds easier. Museum displays are always changing, so you’d never be short on new things to file, document, and store in the most logical and organized fashion possible.

Wedding Planner

Wedding planners get to work to make a couple’s big day as special and memorable as it can be. The sheer reward of making a bride and groom’s dreams come true on a day they’ll remember forever may be enough to convince you to ditch your day job. You would also be in charge of planning and coordinating countless vendors, keeping track of guests, and overall making sure you plan the perfect wedding.

Closet specialist

A closet specialist is a real job. People will hire you to come into their homes and organize all their closets. You can go in, help them decide what to keep and what to get rid of, then organize all the things they’re keeping. This can span from clothing closets to kids’ dressers and even pantries. With this job, you would organize new things every day and maneuver around the personal preferences of each client you work with—so, no two projects will ever be the same.