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5 Ways Business Women Can Improve Their Office Environment

Business woman in the office

Let’s face facts. We all spend a lot of time at work — 40 hours a week at minimum, and some spend way beyond that. There are weeks or months that we will spend more time at work than at home. Knowing this, it’s important to have a workplace that you are comfortable in. In the past, offices were bland, sterile places that had only one function; work. The modern office is changing so that employees want to come to work, rather than view it as a chore. Not every office is there yet and if yours is one of them, try to enact some change. Here are five ways to improve the office environment.
New Furnishings
Old, dated, and uncomfortable furniture in the office will drag down the mood of everyone. Outdated chairs and desks are a telltale sign of an old-fashion workspace, and it makes it harder for people to concentrate and remain productive. Update and upgrade the furnishings in the office and make it look like a cutting edge, modern place of business.

Brighten it up
Beige, off-white, and taupe are soothing, but they can feel boring as well. If your office space has anything resembling these colors on the wall, get rid of it. Paint the walls with a warm color that sets a better mood. It doesn’t have to be a bright red or orange that hurts the eyes—just something that is more inviting and looks less like a doctor’s examination room.

Move Things Around
Change for the sake of change is not a bad thing. If your office layout hasn’t changed since the fax machine was a big deal, move things around. Create a different flow in the office by rearranging a few desks and file cabinets. Position desks closer to the window, and watch how the natural light increases productivity.

Improve the Lighting
Exposure to natural sunlight is important for regulating our moods and making us feel better. Sunlight is our main source for vitamin D, and without it, we can feel in the dumps. Especially in the winter months when there is a lack of sunlight, we are prone to Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Do what you can to bring more natural light in the office and brighten it up. If your office doesn’t allow for this, turn off the overhead floodlights and put some lamps with softer bulbs at your desk.

Bring the Outside In
The office doesn’t need to be a sterile environment. Bring some potted plants in and spread them around the space. Plants give the room a whole new atmosphere. When nature surrounds us, we’re more likely to feel grounded and at peace during a stressful day.