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Ways to Help Foster Workplace Creativity

Happy women employees

Fostering creativity in the workplace is an often-overlooked necessity that can aid your business in unseen ways. Employees who practice creativity are often more able to come up with creative solutions to issues within your business. They’re also typically happier at work—creativity helps foster a more positive work environment, so your employee turnover rate will plummet as your satisfaction levels skyrocket. Here are some easy ways to help foster workplace creativity.
Invest in art programs
If you want to inspire your employees to be creative at work, then you must extend your values to their communities. There are many reasons you should invest in local art programs. By investing time or money in local programs, you may inspire employees to get involved and become more creative outside of work. Employees who are able to express their creativity in their personal lives are often inspired to think more creatively in the workplace.

Design a creative and collaborative space
Your workplace should be a place that inspires creativity. You can’t expect your employees to think outside the box if they have to sit in an actual box—i.e., a cubicle. Make your space bright and collaborative by providing multiple options for where employees can sit, work, and write ideas down. Many companies now opt for open floor plans with sections for different work areas.

Provide stimulating break activities
Employees should be able to use their breaks for a brain break. They should get to stop thinking about work for a few minutes and simply be. Providing creative and mind-stimulating activities for break times is a great way to subtly encourage fresh thoughts and creativity. Activities such as puzzles, mind games, art stations, or writing prompts are all great ways employees can choose to spend their downtime at work.

Hire a diverse group of people
One of the most important factors in a creative work environment is diversity. A diverse group of employees will provide the highest possible level of different thinking. Individuals who are different but equally collaborative will be able to work together to find creative solutions that incorporate their combined experience and knowledge.