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Guiding with Grace: Four Ways to Become a Better Leader

Women leaders

Whether you’re just getting your start-up off the ground or the manager of a well-established business, there’s always room for improvement when it comes to honing your leadership skills. Keep your business on the right track and move toward a successful future with these ways to become a better leader.

Get to know yourself

Perhaps the best place to start on your journey to exceptional leadership is within. Before you can begin making big changes in your organization, it’s important to first understand who you are as a leader. A good first step is understanding your personal leadership and communication styles. There are four main communication styles and many different leadership styles—most leaders will use a combination of these methods. By understanding your style choices, it will help you better analyze the choices you make within your organization and the way you interact with employees. As you get to know yourself as a leader, you may also take a moment to consider some of your business role models—think critically about a few leaders you admire. From here, consider what elements of their leadership style you may be able to implement within your own organization.

Don’t be afraid to fail

The road to success will not always be smooth. Obstacles will pop up from time to time, and the way you handle these roadblocks will define you as a leader. As these obstacles appear, it’s important to remember that everyone makes mistakes and failure is a natural part of life. Allowing the fear of failure to consume you will only impede your business’ success, so you mustn’t dwell on issues for too long. When faced with obstacles, perhaps the most important thing to remember is communication. Communicate with your employees regarding the issues at hand and don’t be afraid to ask for help if needed. Your employees will admire your humility and may even be able to offer innovative solutions to the problem at hand.

Inspire greatness

A leader is only as great as their team, so it’s important to make sure your team is in tip-top shape. Taking the time to check in with your team and ensure they feel comfortable and confident in their role is crucial, regardless of your industry. There are many ways you can inspire your team to give their all every day. However, perhaps the most important thing you can do is provide continual support. Show your employees you value their time and commitment to the company by scheduling regular meetings and check-ins to discuss their personal goals. Your employees will appreciate the one-on-one time and it will give you a chance to get to know your team on a deeper level. This will also help you better understand how everyone functions as a team.

Be a teacher, not a preacher

One of the best ways to become a better leader is to lead by example. You should never expect your employees to do anything you would not also be willing to do—don’t just talk the talk if you’re not going to walk the walk. Consider getting involved in the training and onboarding process for new employees. Additionally, becoming involved in the day to day practices will give you a closer look at your employees’ daily lives. This will provide you a deeper appreciation for all the hard work your
team does. Further, it will enable you to better answer any questions employees may have regarding their job description.