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Essential Facebook Marketing Tips for Women-Run Businesses

Woman entrepreneur engaged in Facebook marketing

One of the most advantageous ways to promote your company is through Facebook, so why not include it in your marketing strategy? This platform makes it easy to target every age group and exponentially grow your customer base. Take, for example, popular female-founded companies like Nasty Gal, Proactiv, and Rent the Runway—these brands currently have hundreds of thousands of followers on the social media platform. If you want to increase your following just like countless other businesses, reference our four favorite Facebook marketing tips for women-run businesses.

Incorporate Images and Videos

To receive the most user participation, it’s vital to boast a healthy mix of text posts and posts that include images or videos. Posts with captivating visual elements easily boost interest, so take special care in taking professional photos and producing high-quality videos.

Prioritize Facebook Ads

Due to constantly changing algorithms, users may not always see your content the moment you post it. Ads are a great supplemental strategy—they capture your audience’s attention and direct them to your brand. This is content you pay for, but if you create effective ad copy based on the users you wish to target, you’re certain to see an immediate return. Your company will likely need to test your ads to see which ones best align with users’ interests. This testing process is crucial to future success because you can examine exactly what works and what doesn’t.

Create a Facebook Group

Facebook Groups allow users to develop relationships with one another; group members can ask questions or share their own experiences with your products or services. They’re a great way to engage your audience.

Go Live or Post to Your Company’s Story

Facebook Live and Stories successfully engage audiences because users get a casual behind-the-scenes look at their favorite companies’ days. If your company wants to show off its unique personality, be sure to utilize the live stream and story capabilities that the social media platform proudly offers.