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Awards and Research Grants for Women in Science

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Every day, those working in STEM perform research and make breakthrough discoveries that benefit the entire world. However, only a small percentage of them are women. Acquiring a STEM degree isn’t easy—for anyone—but women still don’t get the recognition and funding they deserve to continue their work. In hopes of helping these women, we’ve put together a list of five research grants for women in science and engineering.
Delta Gamma Women in Science Grants
The Delta Gamma foundation offers a variety of financial support opportunities to women studying science in college. These grants are awarded on an individual basis to members that are pursuing a future in science.

UNESCO - L’Oréal Grants for Young Women Scientists
The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization teamed up with L’Oréal in order to support young women conducting scientific research. They offer three programs to help women in science settle into roles within the field, and they encourage women to stay in the profession.

Computer & Information Science & Engineering Awards
The National Science Foundation created a database to help people in the science industry research and locate funding opportunities in their state. The CISE awards page features an easy-to-navigate map that contains all the awards available throughout the entire country.

American Association of University Women Fellowships and Grants
The AAUW offers an array of grants and fellowships that help women advance in their educational and professional careers. All of their fellowship and grant recipients perform research that improves their respective school and community. The AAUW also gives special consideration to disadvantaged women in hopes of giving them opportunities that otherwise may not be possible.

National Physical Science Consortium
The NPSC partners with government agencies, labs, businesses, and schools in order to help more Americans receive graduate degrees in the science and engineering fields. Similar to the AAUW, the NPSC also seeks diverse applicants. Their main goal is to help fund the dreams of future science leaders throughout the United States.

If you’re still a student, many universities offer their own scholarships and grants for female students working toward a degree in the sciences. It’s also not uncommon for a particular company to offer financial support to women researchers who show interest in their company. To learn more about one of the listed research grants for women in science, click on its title to visit the corresponding website.