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Find Funding and Grants for Women’s Health Research

Women's health researcher

When it comes to health issues, women can be affected in different ways than men. But because they share a lot of the same health problems as men, female-focused health research is often overlooked. When those in women’s health research receive proper funding, they’re given the chance to help people in a variety of different ways. Without any financing, creating tools like evacuation chairs or in vitro diagnostic devices would not be possible. For researchers, nurses, doctors, or anyone else in the field of women’s health looking for funding, check out the five grants for women’s health research below.
Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
The AHRQ is dedicated to improving the quality and effectiveness throughout the American healthcare system. They have a large base of scientific research that focuses on improving clinical system practices. They are always establishing new initiatives that will help those who need medical treatment find and receive the proper care. Check out their grant application basics to gain a better understanding of the funding they offer.

American Nurses Foundation
Nursing research grants are awarded to exceptional nurses who are making extraordinary contributions to science. These nurses use their expertise and passion for health to give insight on subjects that directly impact the health of the nation. Nurse researchers in academia or clinical settings may apply. Applicants will not be penalized based on their level of expertise. Funding can be used toward any study that contributes to advancements within nursing science and patient care.

Global Fund for Women
Global Fund for Women focus on getting resources to women-led groups and organizations. They support women, girls, and trans individuals as they try and solve critical problems within their community. This fund gives particular attention to reproductive rights, freedom from violence, and economic justice. Applicants must be located outside of the U.S. and work to advance women’s equality and rights in their community.

Health Resources and Services Administration
The HRSA gives grants to organizations that are committed to improving and expanding health care services for disadvantaged individuals. They focus on programs in geographical areas that statistically have a more difficult time finding proper healthcare. They also provide loan repayment, scholarships, and loan programs for clinicians who work in in underserved areas.

Society for Women’s Health Research
The Society for Women’s Health Research funds female engineers and scientists. These women can use these grants to support their initiatives and projects that improve women’s health and education all over the globe.

If you’re interested in applying to any of the grants for women’s health research on this list, click on the specific title to be redirected to their application. Take time to research other grant opportunities that are available within the health industry. Reference the health section of the Open Education Database’s funding list for over a dozen more funding opportunities.