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The Biggest Contest for Women Entrepreneurs is Once Again Open for Applications

Cartier Women's Initiative Awards is once again looking to award outstanding female entrepreneurs around the world. Since it began, they already helped 198 businesswomen worldwide and they are up to empower more women this year.
Twenty-one finalists, which represent the top three from 7 regions, will each be entitled to personalized business coaching, workshops, knowledge sessions and networking events, media visibility, INSEAD Social Entrepreneurship 6-Day Executive Program scholarship, and other opportunities.

Seven winners called laureates, one for each region, will be chosen by the high-profile jury members. Aside from the cash grant of $100,000, each them will receive a yearlong mentoring support. The 14 finalists will also receive a second prize of $30,000 each.

To be eligible to join, one must meet all the criteria. The business should be designed to generate revenues; non-profit project proposals will not be accepted. It should be generating revenues but it doesn't necessarily have to be initially profitable to qualify. The business must also be 1 to 3 years old and is led by a woman who also owns a significant stake in the company.

Those who are interested must complete the application online together with the other requirements including resume, business registration document, proof of patent (if applicable), detailed financials, latest company tax returns, tax returns receipt (or proof of tax exemption, if any), and an up-to-date capitalization table.

Annual deadlines for application is usually August 31st. The Cartier Women's Initiative Awards started in 2006 and since then, they have been driving change in the world through women empowerment.

For more details and to apply online, visit