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Open Meadows Foundation Empowers Women to Make a Change in the World

Open Meadows Foundation Grants

Open Meadows Foundation, a non-profit organization run by women volunteers, is seeking to provide grants to projects that promote building community power and reflect the diversity of the community. The projects should be directed by and be benefiting women and girls.

Changing the world might be a big responsibility, but there are ways to start the change. Open Meadows Foundation wants to help women do that by funding projects that are focused on making a change including Standing Rock, boycotts, marches, activism, labor rights, voting rights, economic rights, community organizing, and other political actions.

The projects must also not discriminate in terms of race, religion, national origin, gender or sexual identity and expression, age, or ability. Most importantly, it must encourage participation by women and girls for women and girls.

Applications are only accepted online. Small and start-up organizations, as well as those with limited financial access, are more likely to receive the grants that are under $2,000.

Applicants can send their proposals in two cycles: from January 1 to February 15 and July 1 to August 15. Proposals are reviewed for three months so applicants must submit projects that start after May or November of each year.

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