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Each Month, One Woman Receives $1,000 Grant From This Program

Since 1998, the Amber Grants Foundation, through the WomensNet, has been offering small business grants for women entrepreneurs. Every month, they choose one businesswoman to receive $1,000.

Applying for the grant is simple and does not require a ton of paperwork. What's just needed is to tell your inspiring story, no need to fill out lengthy, complicated forms, and no requirements to repay the funds.

The foundation's main goal is to honor the memory of Amber, the WomensNet founder's sister, who died at a young age before she was able to fulfill her entrepreneurial dreams. The program would make possible for other women to achieve their dreams that Amber did not have the chance to pursue.

The $1,000 grant is somehow small but it would be very helpful in getting a business started and existing ones grow. Moreover, one of the 12 monthly winners has a chance to receive a $10,000 grant at the end of the year.

Aside from offering grants, WomensNet also offer free tips on how to get a grant and discuss inspiring stories of woman entrepreneurs.

For more information about Amber Grant and how to apply, visit