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These Two Women Want to Invest $30 Million in Robotic Startups

These Two Women Want to Invest $30 Million in Robotic Startups
Jennifer Gill Roberts and Kelly Coyne have merged their companies so they can raise $30 million to invest in startup companies focused on robotics. They are ready to help new companies with seed money, and coaching them from prototype to launch.

Grit Labs

Their new company, Grit Labs, has a goal of $30 million to raise for their fund. The type of company they are looking to invest in is one with a lot of experience in robotics. It makes sense; both women also have tons of experience investing in companies. Just last year, Coyne founded Pitch, a firm that assists early stage startups with fundraising, branding, marketing, PR, and launch logistics. Now the two women are combining efforts to invest in B2B robotics.

Funding up to $500K+

Funding from Grit Labs can be between $250,000 and $500,000 to each startup. Follow-up investments for startup founders, however, can increase the total investment between $1 million and $2 million total in each of its portfolio companies.

The two investors, of course, would welcome funding women-owned founders. In fact, they point out that female founders are more successful when paired with a female investor at the seed stage, something recently highlighted in a Harvard Business Review article. But they are looking for a "diverse set of minds behind the funding and building of these companies is the best thing we can do to ensure that we have all the angles covered,” states Coyne.

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