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Women Entrepreneurs in These 10 Cities Are Killing It!

The number of women-owned businesses across the nation has grown by over 3.5 million, now representing 38 percent of all businesses in the United States. In some cities, the growth has been as much as 122 percent in the past decade, proof that women are killing it -- especially in these 10 cities.

The top 10 cities list came from cost information site, which shows the top American cities where business is booming for women entrepreneurs.

  1. Memphis, TN - 122 percent
  2. Detroit, MI - 121.4 percent
  3. Charlotte, NC - 105.4 percent
  4. Miami, FL - 94.7 percent
  5. Orlando, FL - 83.5 percent
  6. Atlanta, GA - 75.8 percent
  7. Dallas, TX - 74.3 percent
  8. Houston, TX - 70.4 percent
  9. Las Vegas, NV - 69.8 percent
  10. Austin, TX - 65.2 percent
Killing it in other cities, too

While it may seem that most all the top 10 cities are in the South, it should be noted that large growth numbers are also being reported in larger cities like Los Angeles, New York City, Chicago, and Washington D.C. Due to their large populations and large base of women-owned businesses that already exist, the percentages did not make it on the top 10 list. But look at the actual numbers of women-owned businesses that have been added and the revenue they are producing, and it is clear that women entrepreneurs are killing it in these metropolitan areas, too.

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