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Why You Should Send Your Daughter to Summer Camp -- To Learn Coding!

Summer is the time when many parents send their kids to summer camp. Summer camps are changing and now offer opportunities for kids to learn new skills. For girls, this means learning skills in the STEM fields. Why should you send your daughter to coding summer camp? Here are several reasons.

Only 25 percent of women in tech jobs

The number of women in STEM fields (science, technology, engineering and math) is pretty disappointing. Women hold 57 percent of all professional occupations, yet they represent just 25 percent of tech jobs. Technology fields are where the opportunities exist, and the high salaries. But for girls to get into these fields requires planning, education and training.

An example of a summer camp that teaches coding for girls can be found in New York City. The Coding Space is a New York after-school program where students of all ages can learn to code and develop critical thinking skills.​ Both all-girls, as well as co-ed, classes are offered in both the summer and in the fall. In addition, classes are designed for beginners through advanced students.

Fun learning environment

Students will learn Javascript, HTML, and other skills in a fun environment that is self-paced, allowing students to progress through the curriculum at their own speed. The program also offers need-based scholarships and diversity-based scholarships.

Girls, especially, need to be exposed to the world of science, technology, math and engineering at an early age. The Coding Space is just one example of organizations popping up all over to educate and eventually increase the number of women in technology. This is what is needed in order to close the gender gap in STEM.

Send your daughter to coding camp? Absolutely!!

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