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This Region Leads in Funding Women-Owned Businesses

Every year Dell releases a Global Women Entrepreneur Cities Rankings list. This year the list has ranked Nairobi highly -- sixth globally -- in providing capital for women-run enterprises.

Nairobi, the only African city in the top 10 in the capital category, was ranked sixth globally ahead of Singapore, Stockholm, Beijing and Chicago. The Dell Global Women Entrepreneur Cities Rankings list is the only global, gender-specific index that looks at a city’s ability to attract and foster growth of women-owned firms. Kenya now tops the region in providing capital for women-run enterprises.

The capital category takes into consideration overall value and frequency of funding for women-owned businesses, and measures the amount of funding for women compared to funding for male-run businesses. Taking all these values into consideration, the ranking of Nairobi is highly notable.

Improves financial stability of women

Dell also has an overall ranking, which includes both capital as well as markets, talent, culture and technology, and Nairobi was ranked 33rd globally. Even money from the government is a huge plus -- 30 per cent was set aside for women, youth, and persons with disabilities. The move has greatly increased the financial stability of women who were previously considered marginalized.

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