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$90K Grant Program Aims to Draw More Women into Construction and Trade Careers

Less than 3 percent of women in the U.S. pursue careers in the construction industry. Massachusetts state Attorney General Maura Healey’s office has established $90K in grant money aimed at women who are interested in apprenticeship and training programs in construction.

Lisa J. Clauson, head of strategic partnerships for the New England Carpenters labor management program, thinks this is the right time to encourage more women to consider this field. The economy has left a shortage of construction site workers which she hopes can be filled by women.

$90K grant program for women

The $90K grant program was designed to advance economic opportunities for Massachusetts residents by encouraging women, minority workers and small-business owners in the public construction industry to take advantage of the training program. The program is for one year and, for eligible applicants, includes apprenticeship programs, job training, diversity and inclusion training, and support and outreach programs.


In addition to the grant program, more unions, government, companies and training organizations in Massachusetts are seeking and encouraging women to choose the trades. Workers are needed, and the pay and benefits are very good. Wages for members of Local 107 in Worcester County are $38.52 per hour for journey-level skilled construction workers and $19.26 per hour for an apprentice with no experience. Benefits include health insurance, pensions, annuities and training.

More women in construction is a huge benefit to help more women establish financial security, and it is also good for the economy. As Healy explained, it "will improve living standards for more working people in Massachusetts."