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This Woman is Helping Other Women Start Law Firms

President and FounderNicole Galli
Law Offices of N.D. Galli LLC
Nicole Galli launched her own law firm in 2015. It always intrigued her why there was little data available on the number of women who own their own law firms. So she decided to start an organization dedicated to helping other women legal entrepreneurs start their own law firms.

The organization, Women Owned Law, made it a priority to start collecting data on women-owned law firms. The goal of the organization is to help other women legal entrepreneurs network, increase their visibility, and grow their influence by providing resources and tools.

Thus far, the organization has chapters in Philadelphia, New York and Washington, D.C., with plans to launch more chapters around the country later this year. Galli started the organization to fill a need to address women lawyers who are also women entrepreneurs. As Galli explained it, "I think that there is a real difference between being a woman lawyer and a woman entrepreneur. There are differences between practicing law and having your own practice … and there are huge differences between running a law firm and running another business."

Networking opportunity for women lawyers/entrepreneurs

The organization offers a networking opportunity for women lawyers who, as business owners, are all experiencing the same challenges of owning a business. While most of the members are women who own their own firms, the organization is also a welcome place for women who are thinking about starting their own law firm.

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