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Trump Proposal to Eliminate Violence Against Women Act Will Have Devastating Effects on Women Everywhere

The Violence Against Women’s Act (VAWA) was passed in 1994. Funding for this program has provided benefits and protection for women everywhere who are victims of violence. Trump wants to eliminate it. The result would be devastating for all women, but particularly those most vulnerable, including black women, and Native American women on reservations.

How VAWA protects women

Funding for VAWA makes it possible to have domestic violence shelters, sexual assault agencies, and programs for female and male victims, children, and elderly as well as those with disabilities. It provides assistance for attorney fees, provides immigration protection for human trafficking, housing assistance, covers the cost of cities and counties hiring detectives and prosecutors specially trained in sexual assault, domestic violence and more.

All of this is what Trump wants to take away?? Here is what we should expect if this happens:

  • Increase in violence against women, especially African Americans, immigrant populations, transgendered women of color, and Native Americans
  • Less protection from law enforcement
  • Fewer domestic violence shelters

Reducing law enforcement will leave women more vulnerable for violence. Even the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) are against this proposal, stating, “We would oppose any loss of federal funding on these grants or other DOJ grants that enhance the ability of Law Enforcement to perform their jobs.”

What is your opinion?