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How Trump's Hiring Freeze Will Hurt Opportunities For Women, Veterans and Minorities

President Jimmy Carter tried it. President Ronald Reagan tried it. Now President Donald Trump is trying it. It's called a hiring freeze on federal jobs, and it is part of Trump's "100-day action plan to Make America Great Again." But many fear it will hurt job opportunities for women and veterans.

Hiring freeze didn't work in the past

The hiring freeze on federal jobs was unsuccessful in cutting overall costs during the Carter and Reagan administrations, and many feel certain it will be unsuccessful again. It seems that Trump's idea to protect the American taxpayers will have just the opposite effect. How? Previous hiring freezes resulted in work being hired out to outside contractors and ended up costing the government more money.

Hurting women and veterans

Trump’s hiring freeze will affect thousands of federal positions for women and minorities. For example, in 2015, women represented 43 percent of all the federal positions, and 35 percent were minorities.

Veterans, who make up one-third of the federal workforce, will also be harmed by the hiring freeze. To view the data on this, go to

According to Press Secretary Sean Spicer, the hiring freeze applies to the Veterans Administration, which has come under fire for negligent care. The hiring freeze puts and end to an initiative to bring on 2,000 new employees to help clear up appointment backlogs and improve care.