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Is Hillary Clinton the Answer to More Contracts for Women-Owned Businesses?

Is Hillary Clinton the Answer to More Contracts for Women-Owned Businesses?
When Hillary Clinton made her first run for the White House in 2008, she pledged that she would change the state of women-owned businesses by ensuring they received their fair share of federal contracts. Clinton stated then, “As president, I will ensure that women-owned small businesses receive the federal contracts they deserve and that the SBA expands opportunities for women business owners.” Women-owned businesses are waiting for her to address this issue again.

What will Clinton do for women?

Women have not forgotten what Clinton stated in 2008. Now that she is making another run for President, women business owners will be watching her closely. Why? Because the numbers need to change in order to create a level playing field for women-owned businesses, and Clinton has previously stated she is in full support of this change.

What needs to change?

The government pledged to allocate 5 percent of federal contracts to women-owned businesses. Five percent is a small number, and they did not even reach that. In 2013, the U.S. Census Bureau released their latest data, and women received only four percent of federal contracting dollars. Clinton has stated that "female entrepreneurs are not getting their fair share of federal contracts."

Given the fact that women-owned businesses represent one third of all businesses in America, Clinton calls the situation "chronic under-representation.” But, what is her plan to change the numbers? At least one third of all business owners will be waiting to see.