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Top 10 Women CEOs of Fortune 500 Companies

Top 10 Women CEOs of Fortune 500 Companies
They are talented, hard-working women with solid backgrounds and impressive credentials. They are from all walks of life and cultures. And they are the top 10 women CEOs of Fortune 500 companies. In fact, 9 out of the 10 are CEOs of companies ranked among the upper 100 of the Fortune 500 list.

1. Mary Barra - CEO of General Motors, ranked Fortune 500 #7
2. Margaret C. Whitman - CEO of Hewlitt-Packard, #17 Fortune 500
3. Virginia M. Rometty - CEO of IBM, Fortune 500 #23
4. Indra K. Nooyi - CEO of Pepsico, Fortune 500 company ranked #43
5. Marillyn A. Hewson - CEO of Lockheed-Martin, ranked #59
6. Safra Catz - CEO of Oracle, ranked #82
7. Ellen J. Kullman - CEO of DuPont, ranked #86
8. Irene B. Rosenfeld - CEO of Mondelez International, ranked #89
9. Phebe N. Novakovic - CEO of General Dynamics, ranked at #99
10. Carol M. Meyrowitz - CEO of TJX, ranked at #108

Common factors

What is interesting to note is that these women CEOs are at the top of mostly technology and manufacturing firms. Three are the head of technology companies, two are at the helm of global aerospace and defense organizations, one is CEO of one of the oldest automobile manufacturers in America, and one is CEO of one of the oldest chemical companies in the U.S. The point is, these women did not let industries that are traditionally considered male stop them from rising to the top.

Fortune assembles and publishes each year a list of "Women CEOs in the Fortune 500." Watch who will make the list next year.