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5 Reasons Why Women Are Better Bosses Than Men

Woman boss

A study done recently by Zeneger Folkman, a company that specializes in leadership studies, found that women outranked men as better bosses in small business. Their research showed that women have many characteristics that just make them better leaders than men.

The study analyzed 7,280 performance evaluations and revealed that women rated higher than men on 12 out of 16 attributes that were tested. Women were particularly stronger in two significant areas -- driving results and taking initiative. Here are 5 reasons why women make better bosses.

#1 - Women are more patient: Women have more patience to wait for success, which is important in small businesses. They are less likely to make decisions too quickly or jump to conclusions.

#2 - Women are better communicators: Women are better listeners, which is an important part of good communication. They are able to listen to what their customers want and build stronger relationships based on trust.

#3 - Women have stronger business ethics: Maintaining ethics in building a small business is a tough challenge, and women are better at it than men. Considering the rights of others makes women better managers and bosses.

#4 - Women are better at building relationships: This is very important when it comes to building a successful small business. Women are better at collaborating and working together to build cooperative relationships.

#5 - Women are better motivators: Women know how to motivate their associates to action by sharing their own passion. Passion and motivation builds loyalty.

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