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Female CEO of Technology Company Offers 4 Pieces of Advice for Other Women

Female CEO of Technology Company Offers 4 Pieces of Advice for Other Women
It's a fact that men outnumber women 7 to 3 in the technology industry, even though women hold 41 percent of science and engineering degrees. Yet there are some women who break through the statistics and take senior roles at technology companies. Women can learn from these women.

What Alicia Navarro has to say to other women

Alicia Navarro is CEO and Co-founder of Skimlinks, a London-based technology company that specializes in in-text, contextual advertising. The company's platform is used by online publishers. She has a passion for technology and a background working for technology giants like IBM. Here are just 4 factors she shares with other women who want to be successful in business.

"If you are good enough, you are good enough."
Alicia does not believe that being a women is a hindrance, nor has it been a factor in her career. This mindset is something women need to get beyond by identifying what they are good at and making the most of it.

Starting a business "is much harder than you could ever imagine."
Be prepared for hard work, make sacrifices and have emotional stress. "But if you take delight in the challenge, it is incredibly satisfying."

"Trust your gut when hiring."
It is important to hire the right people. They need to have not just the credentials but also the chemistry, someone you can work with and who will contribute to the success of your company.

"I work hard and value learning and goodness."
Alicia thanks her parents for teaching her how to work hard, be disciplined and have integrity. She also says that she is passionate about achieving and always looking for the next step in her journey.

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