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The Top 10 Worst Paying Jobs For Women in 2015

Woman working underpaid job

Overall, women today are making about 83 percent of what males make for the same job, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. That is a general statistic; however, according to USA Today some jobs pay women much less. Some occupations even have the same pay gaps that existed in 1979!

According to the Bureau of Statistics, these are the top 10 worst paying jobs for women in 2015. They are listed in ascending order, starting with the worst.
  • Financial advisers - in this profession, women make only 61.3 percent of what a man makes, or $1,004 vs $1,637 in median weekly earnings.
  • Physicians - it's hard to believe, but women earn just 62.2 percent of men's salaries as physicians and surgeons, or $1,246 vs $2,002 median weekly earnings.
  • Securities and financial service sales - women make only 65.1 percent of what men earn in this profession, or $883 vs $1,356 median weekly earnings.
  • Financial managers - women in this profession make 67.4 percent of what men earn, or $1,127 vs $1,671 median weekly earnings.
  • Executives - women do better in this profession, making 70 percent of what men earn, but the gap is still large at $1,572 compared to men's median weekly earnings of $2,246.

The remaining 5 categories include retail sales (70.3 percent), human resource managers (71.2 percent), bartenders (72.4 percent), real estate brokers/agents (73.3 percent), and truck drivers (73.7 percent).

It's interesting to note that many of the larger gaps are in the financial area -- financial advisers and managers, and securities and financial services. It seems that men are still favored over women that they can do a better job.