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These Four Women Changed the Internet and Made It A Safe Place For Women

These Four Women Changed the Internet and Made It A Safe Place For Women

Social media is dominating the way people talk to each other and share information. It can be a great way to share all kinds of information that might be helpful to other women. But it can be a dangerous place, too. According to The Journal of Adolescent Health, 33 percent of all Internet-initiated sex crimes in 2010 involved social networking sites. How can women share information but protect themselves at the same time?
Safe social media for women

Four women from New York City, Amber Gordon, Gabriela Barkho, Jeanette Fabre and Jacqueline Mirell, worked hard to figure this out. Their new web site called Femsplain launched in October of 2014, "providing a safe space to connect, learn and grow with other female-identified people." The web site provides a safe venue for women across all racial, geographical, economic and career backgrounds to share information on careers, music, art and more within a safe and supportive community. Their thoughts are shared in a community of women who are interested in what they have to say rather than posting info out on the worldwide Internet.

Common goals and objectives

Every month, the web site will announce a theme, and writers may contribute their thoughts based on the theme of the month. The articles provide a wide range of thoughts from women across the country that will resonate with women everywhere. The goal of the web site is to foster free conversation among women within a casual and safe Internet community. The mission is "to change the dialogue of what it’s like to be a woman –– and in doing so, make our world a better place."

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