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Women Entrepreneurs Launch Local Towing Service and Win Big With Their Pink Tow Truck

Diva Recovery, Women's Towing Service

Citizens of Wilmington, North Carolina, are seeing pink these days -- and it's not elephants! Try a pink towing truck commanded by two female entrepreneurs.

Tonya Thompson and her friend Renee Register found themselves out of work due to layoffs several years ago with no job prospects forthcoming. So they decided to go into business for themselves. But not just any business. They went into the tow truck business, a male-dominated industry. It was a gutsy move, but as Thompson said, "We worked it out, we got it and it was very empowering.”

The business is called Diva Recovery, but these two entrepreneurs are anything but prima donnas. They are hardworking business women who made it work in a male-dominated industry, and business is good. After 6 years, they are on the city's rotation list to get their fair share of towing jobs, and their pink truck is now very recognizable.

The two determined entrepreneurs are quick to point out that women can do anything they want to do if they put their mind to it. They hope their example empowers other women to believe in themselves and go after their goals.

Watch for the pink truck on television. Tonya and Renee have been contacted by a production company about creating a reality show about their company.

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