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Walmart Encourages Women Entrepreneurs With New "Women-Owned" Logo

Walmart Women-Owned Logo
Back in 2011, Walmart promised to support U.S. women-owned businesses by adding $20 billion of their goods to Walmart stores by 2016. They are owning up to their promise as more products produced by women-owned companies can be seen in Walmart stores, recognizable by a new "Women-Owned Business" logo.

About the logo

The logo will help consumers recognize products from women-owned businesses. Research initiated by Walmart discovered that 90 percent of female shoppers look for goods marketed by women-owned businesses. So Walmart and two non-profit groups developed the logo as of way of identifying products from companies owned by women.

Products that make a difference

It is a fact that more and more consumers base their product buying decisions on whether or not it will make a difference in the world. The idea behind the "Women-Owned Business" logo is that it will eventually become very recognizable. Consumers who want to feel good about products they buy will look for the logo, knowing they are supporting women-owned businesses.

Two products that are already planning to use the new logo include lingerie brand Smart & Sexy and West Virginia-based Maggie’s Salsa. Walmart is confident that more will follow.

For more details about Walmart's Global Women's Economic Empowerment Initiative, visit