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Top 10 Most Profitable Small Business Areas For Woman and Other Entrepreneurs

Going into business for yourself can be risky, not to mention the hard work involved in starting your own small business. Women in particular have more difficulty in finding grants, loans and other funding. So, it makes sense to choose a field that is going to give you the highest return for your investment.

Sageworks, a North Carolina-based financial services company has seen many types of businesses come through their doors. So, they have a pretty good idea of what types of small businesses have the greatest potential for success and profitability. Here are their latest picks for the top 10 most profitable business areas for women and other entrepreneurs. Each businesses below is ranked along with its respective average profit margin.

  1. Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) - 17.1 percent
  2. Chiropractors - 16 percent
  3. Dentists - 15.4 percent
  4. Tax Prep Services - 15.1 percent
  5. Sales Financing - 15.1 percent
  6. Emergency and Surgical Centers (outside hospitals) - 14.8 percent
  7. Self-Storage Units - 12.3 percent
  8. Optometrists - 12.2 percent
  9. Leasing Office Space - 11.6 percent
  10. Insurance Agencies - 11.3 percent

It's interesting to note that physicians were ranked no. 11 in profitability at 11.2 percent, which seems to set the record straight for many who believe that all doctors are rich.