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Women Composers Offered Grants from Opera America

Opera America
When people speak of music composers, they most often refer to male composers. But did you know that both Mozart and Mendelssohn had sisters who were equally talented composers? Although men do outnumber women in this career field, more and more women are gaining awareness for their work in music composition.

One organization that wants to help is Opera America, a national service organization for opera. The organization has established Opera Grants for Female Composers to support women's work in opera and increase diversity in the field of opera music. The program consists of two grants, Discovery Grants of up to $15,000 and Commissioning Grants.

Discovery grants will help female composers promote awareness for their work. These grants also include the recipients in a feature in Opera America Magazine. The second part of the two-year grant program is a commissioning grant that will help female composers get their work produced. To qualify, women must be able to document their work in composing theatrical works for the opera medium.

The grants are offered by Opera America, a non-profit, member-based organization founded in 1970 that supports the work of opera programs, professionals in the field of opera, and opera education. The purpose of the grants is to increase the amount of female composers and foster more new operas produced by women.

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