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Maurice Faulk Endowment Fund Grants Help Non-Profits in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania

United Way of Allegheny County
Non-profit businesses are represented well by women in America. Women make up 45 percent of the CEO s at nonprofits, 43 percent of the board seats among all nonprofits, and 73 percent of non-profit workers are women. Even better news is that there are grants--money which does not have to be repaid--available to women as well as men who are in the non-profit sector.

One of these grant programs is the United Way Maurice Faulk Endowment Fund Grants for Non-Profits in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. It is for non-profits engaged is providing primarily health and human services in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. The grants are designed to help non-profits with capital improvements.

Businesses must be not-for-profit, registered in Pennsylvania, and providing health-related services to residents of Allegheny County. They must also be United Way of Allegheny County members. Grants up to $15,000 are awarded for equipment. The need for equipment must be based on the age of the equipment, increased need for equipment, or equipment that was destroyed by natural disaster or accident. The request for grant funds must be accompanied by three equipment quotes from vendors.

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