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Women Business Owners in Connecticut Cities Receive Energy Grants

Project BEST Energy Grants
Small business owners in five communities across the state of Connecticut recently received grants of $1,000 each from Operation Fuel's Project/BEST. The grants were designed to help small business owners with electricity costs. Most of the businesses were owned by women or members of minority groups.

Almost 800 small businesses received the grants in Bridgeport, Waterbury, Hartford, New Haven and New London. Dominion Resources who owns Waterford's Millstone Power Station supplied a $1,000 grant, and the Public Service Enterprise Group who owns electric generating stations in Bridgeport and New Haven gave a $150,000 grant to fund the project.

Those who received grants attended an energy efficiency seminar which taught them ways to conserve energy use. Recognizing the contribution made by small business owners to their communities, the purpose of the grants was to give them some financial support for the cost of energy used in their businesses.

Project/BEST targets mostly women and minority-owned small businesses in distressed communities within the five cities.

Operation Fuel works with businesses, government and individuals to provide energy assistance. Project/BEST is Operation Fuel's small business program that provides energy grants and energy conservation training to small businesses in Connecticut.

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