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2019 Grants, Scholarships and More For Women

Group of WomenResearch compiled by the Center For Women's Business Research and Entrepreneur Magazine reveals that women are the most progressive species on the planet. They are more likely to earn a college degree, launch a non-profit organization, and start a successful business. Many are able to do this while simultaneously running a household and caring for kids.

Why Do Women Need Funding?

Women need grants and scholarships because despite their business and career success, they are still disadvantaged - and have been for hundreds of years. Though they make up roughly 51% of the world population, women are still a minority and face many related issues. Women are underserved and overlooked, and suffer continuously from unfair practices such as gender discrimination, gender underestimation, and even gender harassment.

Women grants, especially business grants for women, give them the upperhand to fight back, and prevail. This type of assistance enables them to recover from an unfair and unjust system that has existed for a long time. The concept is very similar to affirmative action initiatives that help other minority groups.

Business grants help women either start or expand an existing home business or non-profit organization. Education grants or scholarships help women pay for college - tuition, books, and even dorms. These types of opportunities make up the thousands of federal, state, and private grants for women that are designed to give them the tools and funding they need to be successful.

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Below is our comprehensive directory that lists all the organizations and foundations (in alphabetical order) that offer grant funding to women.


Why Is Grant Money Available To Women?

The millions of dollars each year allocated to grants for women are investments in the talent, creativity, intellect and determination shown by them in various industries and fields of study. Women are huge contributors to the economy, the workforce, entrepreneurship, and to the development and management of non-profit organizations.

By investing in women, those allocating the grants hope to better enrich their country's culture and society. For instance, in addition to grants for business and education, public grants are given to advocacy groups that enable women to raise awareness about domestic violence, homelessness, and/or harassment in the workplace.

Such grants empower women in many different ways, and have proven to be extremely successful. As a result, every year, more and more opportunities appear for women from new organizations, government agencies, and corporations wanting to get involved. They all know that grants can literally change a woman's life!

The Latest News, Advice and Opportunities For Women:

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

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Monday, February 25, 2019

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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

How to Update Your Resume with 7 Simple Adjustments

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Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Dance Scholarships for Women -- Funding For Your Future!

Young girls dancing for dance program

In the age of technology and STEM careers, more creative talents tend to be overlooked. If you’re seeking a career in the arts - especially dancing - it’s important you remain informed about the financial aid opportunities that can make pursuing your dream a little easier.

Thursday, February 7, 2019

5 Incredible Scholarships for Performing Arts Students

Performing Arts Students

For many students, loans go hand-in-hand with pursuing a higher education. This is especially true for students striving for a degree within the arts. As the number of individuals taking out student loans increases, the need for grants and scholarships also grows.