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Mentoring and Educational Programs For Women Accelerators

Members of the Women Accelerators organization

Women Accelerators is an organization that is passionate about promoting the advancement of female professionals and entrepreneurs. They are focused on giving women the tools they need to succeed in working towards bridging the gender gap. The lack of gender equality and the under-representation of women at the senior level is evident in the boardroom from the corporate 500 to startups.

The organization serves women in all stages of their careers providing them with a solid foundation to succeed. Their mission is to provide a centralized network and community where career-focused women can access resources tailored to their career goals. Their programs help women navigate work opportunities that will nurture female leaders. Their vision is to generate a community of like-minded, high-achieving women who help each other to succeed in the workplace.

  • The Mentoring program is a great way to cultivate professional relationships and facilitate career growth. 
  • The Ambassador program will help you navigate professionally on social media.
  • The Leaders program begins with a self-assessment that enables women to identify key interests and development opportunities.

Participants are encouraged to prioritize their learning goals to maximize their experience and return on investment while engaging in the comprehensive program.

For more information about their resources, events, and webinars, visit