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The Skills You Need To Be a Professional Lash Artist

The Skills You Need To Be a Professional Lash Artist

The beauty industry is competitive, but that doesn't mean there isn't room for talented entrepreneurs. If you're planning to start a business in the beauty industry, you can become a professional lash artist. You can start your own brick-and-mortar storefront and hire your own employees or run your business from the comfort of your home as a one-person team. You’ll need a variety of skills and qualities to become a successful lash artist, but most of them are straightforward and you can learn them with enough patience and dedication. Let's check out some of the skills you need to become a professional lash artist.

Communication Skills

As a lash artist, you'll spend a lot of time communicating with your clients. You might have to explain the different types of curls or lash types, so make sure you're knowledgeable about the type of products and services you’re offering. Another valuable skill for lash artists is the ability to keep clients calm and relaxed. Your client might be anxious about the procedure. Who wouldn't be nervous about having metal tools and adhesive near their eye? If you can reassure them, the appointment will go great. Your client's appointment should take a few hours, so make sure to create a friendly and welcoming environment where they feel comfortable talking. There's nothing worse than sitting in silence, especially for hours on end!

An Artistic Flair

Another one of the skills you need to become a professional lash artist is an artistic flair. Creativity is a must-have trait for an eyelash technician. Your job is to make your clients look and feel beautiful by creating something that enhances their natural beauty. Every client will have different preferences, and sometimes, you'll have to get creative with different colors, volumes, and curls to give them the look that they desire.


An eyelash extension appointment can last anywhere from one to three hours, which makes patience an important quality for aspiring lash artists. You want the eyelash extensions you're applying to look professional. Rushing the process can negatively affect the appearance and longevity of your client's eyelash extensions. Don't be afraid to take your time applying them. Your client wants a good result as much as you do! Most people will understand that achieving beautiful, long-lasting extensions takes time.