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Label Tips for Cosmetics and Beauty Products

Label Tips for Cosmetics and Beauty Products

The labels on your cosmetics and beauty products can attract customers, inform them, and help them correctly use the product. The label should enhance your brand’s style. It should include necessary information for use and safety and look appealing so that it catches a shopper’s attention. To make an eye-catching product and attract new customers, read these label tips for cosmetics and beauty products.

Know All FDA Label Regulations

The FDA has specific regulations for cosmetics and beauty product labels. Failure to follow these regulations is one of the common cosmetic label mistakes. Be sure to do your research on what your label needs. Some examples of necessary information are the product’s intended use, ingredients, warnings and caution statements, and the net quantity of its contents.

Draw Attention To Unique Claims

Another one of the label tips for cosmetics and beauty products is to state unique claims. If your product is vegan, organic, hypoallergenic, or cruelty-free, then you should make that claim obvious to the buyer. Be sure it’s visible on the front label, as you will attract customers who are specifically looking for those attributes.

Include Expiration Date

Although it’s not a requirement, it’s beneficial to have an expiration date on your product. The expiration date for most eye makeup should be one year later. Powders, foundations, and lipsticks expire in about two years. Without an expiration date, customers could accidentally use an expired product and have a reaction. You don’t want people to associate your brand with those negative experiences.

Make Your Product Stand Out

From designing a catchy logo to choosing unique containers, there are many ways to make your product stand out on the store shelves. Hire a professional or create a logo on your own so it really portrays the style you want for your company. You should also try unique labels like embossed or hot foil types. They instantly catch a shopper’s eye.