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Facebook Group Launches to Support Women Engineers Who Aspire to Be Entrepreneurs

Members of SWE

The Society of Women Engineers (SWE) Entrepreneurs’ Affinity Group kicked off a week-long program in November 2020 that to support women engineers who aspire to be entrepreneurs.

Although their week-long festivities have ended, the group continues to educate and empower women. If you have an idea, pursuing a side gig, working as a solopreneur, growing your team, or an internal entrepreneur: Join them live, ask questions, and enjoy interacting with their guests and panelists.

Entrepreneurship is so important to the Society of Women Engineers and this is why the Society has an Entrepreneurs Affinity Group, a community where you can find support and answers if: 

* You have ever thought about starting your own business 
* You have an idea 
* You have a side gig or hobby that earns you income 
* You’re a solopreneur 
* You’re an established entrepreneur or founder with a team 
* You’re an internal entrepreneur who practices entrepreneurship within a corporate 

To join their group, visit