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Essential Preparations for Your Parking Lot This Winter

Essential Preparations for Your Parking Lot This Winter

With the winter season already underway, many of our businesses have seen a fair display of winter weather. One of the most important parts of owning a business—big or small—is keeping the parking lot safe for customers and clientele. If you’re concerned about your customers’ safety, going down the list of these essential preparations for your parking lot this winter will keep business flowing even during the hazardous winter weather.

Prepare Your Snowplow Service

When it starts snowing, your parking lot will become a danger zone for vehicles—whether you have three parking spots or 30. Ensure that you have a snowplow service at the ready at the first sign of snow. Having proper precautions keeps your business moving and your customers safe from snow and ice. Make sure that the snowplow business is on the same page as you—if they do things improperly, it may lead to improper snow control that endangers customers and employees.

Make Sure Your Accessible Parking Spots Are Easy To Find

People with disabilities need easy, comfortable access to your business—especially during inclement weather. Take time when there’s no snow on the ground to determine if your accessible parking spots are easy to spot in a snowstorm with their striping and signage. Reflective handicap parking signposts help your guests find the right spots to park when snow just begins to cover the pavement. If your parking lot’s accessible parking spots need a refresh, have it done before the weather takes a turn for the worse.

Keep Your Walkways Clear

Your snowplow service may take care of salting walkways and sidewalks for you during the day, but you may need to handle nighttime salting. It’s also important to keep product off the sidewalks and paths during bad weather to allow for people to walk safely inside. If you don’t want to walk on your sidewalks or paths, chances are your customers and employees wouldn’t want to either. Do everything you can to ensure they stay clear of slush, snow, and ice. Make sure every entrance has rugs to avoid slippery feet and wet spots inside your business.

Look Out for Potholes

Last on your list of essential preparations for your parking lot this winter—and potentially most importantly—is to keep an eye on any problematic potholes in your lot. Dangerous potholes not only create inconveniences for your customers, but potholes also put drivers in potential danger if they continue to worsen. If a customer with an older vehicle hits a pothole too hard, it could harm them and their car. It may also lead to liability claims against your business if damage or injury occurs.