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Things You’ll Need Before Opening Your First Retail Store

Things You’ll Need Before Opening Your First Retail Store

The process of opening your own retail store is exciting but nerve-wracking. If you're thinking about opening a retail store, you'll need a lot of different supplies. These range from marketing materials and displays for your products to the cleaning agents you use to disinfect your store. If you're unsure of the things you’ll need before opening your first retail store, this checklist will help you gather the basics.

The Right Signage

Effective signage is a must-have for any store. When you're opening your first retail store, you'll need an outdoor sign that features your store's name and logo and a few different indoor signs to help your customers find their way around. You can also include banners, posters, and other types of signs as needed. They're useful for advertising your products, reaching out to different demographics, and communicating new arrivals, promotions, or sales. When you're designing your signage, you should consider multiple aspects, including the design, content, and type of sign.

Ways To Display Your Products

You'll need to organize your inventory in a way that's both practical and eye-catching. Investing in the right type of display—whether that's shelving, racks, or cases—will show off your products’ best qualities and help your store look organized. If you're struggling to choose the right type of display, you can follow these simple guidelines:


Use racks to store anything you wear, whether that's jackets, pants, or a brand-new t-shirt. There are some notable exceptions, including socks, underwear, and footwear.


Pegboards are used for small, lightweight items, such as socks, underwear, hair ties, and jewelry.


Gondolas are constructed from steel and can handle bigger heavier items. You can use gondolas for just about everything, including food, glassware, cleaning supplies, or kitchen appliances.

The Check-Out Essentials

Once your customers decide what they want to buy, they'll need a way to pay for it. Another thing you’ll need before opening your first retail store is check-out essentials. You'll want a dedicated space for handling the payment process. Each of these spaces should be equipped with a cash register, a pricing gun, bags, and somewhere for customers to set their products down, such as a conveyor belt. You should also have a computer that's equipped with an effective point-of-sale solution. You can choose from any number of available programs. Breadcrumb and Square make for reliable, low-cost starting options.

Plenty of Cleaning Supplies

You'll have people walking on your floors, touching your shelves, and using your amenities daily. Things can get dirty fast. To keep your store safe, sanitary, and attractive, you'll want to have some basic janitorial supplies. Stock your store with brooms, vacuums, mops, buckets, gloves, wipers, trash bags, and trash cans, along with other equipment, tools, and chemical products that you'll need for cleaning.