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Lighting Tips for Women-Owned Commercial Kitchens

Lighting Tips for Commercial Kitchens

Properly implemented lighting is vital in any commercial kitchen because it gives the staff the ability to work safely and efficiently. From food preparation and cooking to presentation and cleaning, lighting plays a bigger role in this space than you might think. Here are a few lighting tips for commercial kitchens that will enhance your kitchen environment. 

Invest in Shatterproof Light Bulbs

One of the best lighting tips for commercial kitchens is to use shatterproof light bulbs. The high temperatures over areas such as stoves and ovens can cause bulbs to shatter, which can contaminate ingredients and be dangerous for employees. Simply switching to shatterproof light bulbs will keep your employees safe and decrease spending on wasted food. 

Choose Easy-To-Clean Fixtures 

Cleanliness is imperative in any kitchen. Dust accumulation on light fixtures can result in food contamination, so you’ll want light fixtures that are easy to clean and maintain regularly. Recessed lighting or surface-mounted lighting fixtures are some of the easiest options to wipe down with little hassle. 

Choose Low Heat-Emitting Operations

With a full staff and all the stoves and burners running, kitchens can get pretty hot. Lights that emit high levels of heat will only make your kitchen even stuffier. All light fixtures emit heat, but some lights—such as LED lighting—produce very little heat. LED lights are also extremely energy-efficient, which will save you money on your kitchen expenses.  

Don’t Ignore Task Lighting 

Task lighting is just as important as general recessed lighting in a kitchen. Task lighting is aimed at aiding smaller tasks that require more lighting. For example, the cutting board area requires more focused lighting because it requires precision. A plating station may benefit from warm lighting, as warmer temperatures are more visually pleasing and can help employees arrange more visually pleasing plates.