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Tory Burch Foundation Launches Fellows Program For Women Entrepreneurs

Women applicants of the Tony Burch Foundation fellows program
Founded in 2004, the Tory Burch Foundation supports the empowerment of women entrepreneurs with developed programs and initiatives that invest in the success and sustainability of women-owned small businesses. They provide access to capital, entrepreneurial education, and networking opportunities.

Via their Fellows program, their mission is to help women start companies that benefit other women and children by providing resources and tools, to level the playing field for women entrepreneurs, and help them to grow their businesses benefit their families, their communities, and, in turn, all of us.

To be eligible, applicants must be woman-identifying entrepreneurs who own either a majority stake (51% or more) in a for-profit business – or – the largest or equal stake in a qualifying business that is 100% owned and controlled by women. Applicants must also speak proficient English, be at least 21-years of age or older, and be a legal resident of the United States.

Learn more about the program, visit