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How the Visa Foundation Supports Women Around the World

Woman benefiting from the Visa Foundation

As part of its launch, The Visa Foundation has created a first-time economic grant of up to $20 million to Women’s World Banking (WWB). The grant will support two million small and micro-enterprises. The foundation has established a new philanthropic stand for commitment. Their focus is to help strengthen women-owned enterprises helping them to succeed and improve their businesses to ultimately enhance their neighborhoods.
The funding will be offered over a five year period, to help develop viable outcomes for women entrepreneurs to advance their enterprises and establish a financial safety net while progressing leadership aptitude and financial potential.

The Visa Foundation, the philanthropic platform of Visa, has joined together with charitable establishments to help support underserved populations. The Visa Foundation’s direct focus is to aid low-income, financially underserved, micro, and small enterprises around the world to flourish and succeed. The Foundation, registered in the U.S. as a 501(c)(3) entity, also supports a wide range of community needs as well as philanthropic responses during a crisis.

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