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Foundation For Black Women's Wellness to Give Away Mini-Grants to Families Affected By COVID-19

Members of The Foundation for Black Women’s Wellness

The Foundation for Black Women’s Wellness gives mini-grants to women to meet their family’s urgent need for food, housing, toiletries, medication, childcare, healthcare expenses, and crucial costs. They are committed to supporting and advocating for women and families in our community during this unprecedented time of uncertainty and instability brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.
Their focus is to support Black women and their families to remain safe, healthy, and resilient through the current crisis, and to position them to adapt and recover quickly.

They work diligently to support local response efforts by:

* Maintaining a daily presence in communicating accurate and timely information, safety protocols, and critical community resources to women and families.

* Using existing and newly attained dollars to provide immediate and direct emergency response support to women and families to sustain food, housing, childcare, and to secure basic living needs.

* Actively creating online social engagement channels to support the physical and emotional well being of Black women and community members in the midst of social distancing and economic hardship.

* Advocating with local and state health officials for increased access to testing and timely screening of African American community members who presently face the greatest risk and casualties from COVID-19.

* Demanding accountability and transparency in the reporting of COVID-19 data on cases, treatment, and impact on the Black community, with a lens on addressing disparities in access and treatment.

* Talking with policy makers and decision makers now about effective recovery actions and needs of Black women and families to regain stability.

For more details and/or to apply, visit