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This Fund is Keeping Women and Girls Safe During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Young girls participating in Collective Future Fund awareness event

The Collective Future Fund is presenting a $2 million Survivor Safety and Support Fund to support survivors of gender-based violence. They encourage direction and collective action by establishing healing and recruitment efforts to ensure the safety of women and girls during the COVID-19 pandemic.
The Coronavirus pandemic is showing long-standing discrepancies and imbalances created by unjust policies and systems leaving communities helpless, in spite of powerful associations by grassroots organizations. Millions of women and girls working in essential care and service industries are facing risks to their health, emotional stress, and the financial uncertainty that comes with the growing circumstances facing the COVID-19 outbreak.

They predict in the United States alone, insecure employment and income will only excavate, and the lack of safety at home, institutional settings, and the workplace will increase. Still, as these women and girls experience immense exposure, they continue to be the powerful healers, protectors, visionaries, strategists, and leaders rising to the occasion.

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