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Three Tips for Women Entrepreneurs Starting a Bakery

Woman business owner of bakery

Everyone loves bakeries. There’s nothing better than treating yourself to a cupcake after a long day. Anyone looking to cash in on the popularity of bakeries should consider opening one themselves. Starting your own business doesn’t have to overwhelm you, though. If you follow these three tips for starting a bakery, there’s no reason you won’t find success.

Choose a Location

Location is key when starting your own business. You need to make sure your company sits in a prime location, so you get tons of customers. Think about accessibility when choosing a spot. Is your building easy for people to find? You should also consider the popularity of the area. No one should open a bakery in an area with little foot traffic. If you choose the wrong location, you could end up running into a host of issues down the line.

Narrow Down a Menu

One of the most important things you should consider when starting a bakery is the menu. You need to decide how you want things to operate before you open your doors. Do you want to serve classic desserts, like chocolate cake and cheesecake? Do you want to take riskier choices and serve things like maple cream cake or butternut squash cupcakes? You should also think about whether you want a fixed menu or if the options will change depending on the season. Whatever you decide to bake, make sure it’s delicious.


A helpful tip for starting a bakery is to market as much as you can. Spread the word all over town about your new business, as a detailed marketing strategy will help ensure your bakery does well. Make a Facebook and Instagram page, and stay as active as possible on social media. Make fliers and put them around the city. It’s also a smart idea to host a giant grand opening event. Sell things at discounted prices, and let people know you’re excited about becoming a member of the community.

Make Customer Service a Priority

If you will open a bakery, you need to make customer service your number one priority. People shouldn’t only rave about your delicious treats, but also the experience. Tell all your employees to be friendly with every person that walks in the door. You should also start a customer loyalty program. For example, for every ten visits, a patron gets a free cupcake. You can begin a birthday reward program too, so customers can get a special treat on their birthdays. Everyone will appreciate that you went the extra mile for them, and it will have them always coming back for more.