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4 High-Stress Jobs and How to Take Care of Yourself While Pursuing Them

Woman stressed out on the job

Everyone knows what it’s like to be stressed at work. No matter what career you pursue, there will come a time when you face physical, mental, or emotional obstacles. However, some jobs are much more taxing than others. Here are several different types of high-stress jobs, as well as how to take care of yourself while pursuing them.


There are few things more honorable than trying to help others, and counselors and therapists spend their lives doing just that. From managing large caseloads to handling intense emotional situations, counselors are dauntless individuals who work hard to ensure the well-being of their clients. In order to take care of their own mental health, counselors practice mindfulness through activities such as mediation or yoga.

Healthcare Professional

The healthcare industry can be a tough place to work, which is why most medical careers qualify as different types of high-stress jobs. No matter what your role or field is, being a healthcare professional requires an extreme amount of dedication and responsibility. It can be hard to maintain a good work-life balance in this field, which is why health professionals should practice these self-care tips to retain equilibrium.

Airline Pilot

Airline pilots are responsible for the lives of hundreds of passengers. This kind of pressure, along with constant jet lag and an irregular schedule, can lead to a consistently demanding workplace environment. This can be especially true for women—like other jobs on this list, piloting is a male-dominated field, making life as a female airline pilot even more stressful. Airline pilots can help handle stress by taking good care of their physical health. Eating well, exercising, and getting enough sleep while traveling is key to tackling stress on the job.

Event Coordinator

Whether you’re creating the perfect wedding or organizing a massive trade show, life as an event coordinator can be stressful. Event coordinators need creativity, organization, and excellent customer service skills—and that’s just on the days when everything goes right. Event coordinators can manage stress by setting clear boundaries with their clients and giving themselves the free time they need to relax and recuperate.