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Top 5 Podcasts That Celebrate, Educate and Empower Women and Girls

Woman listening to podcast

Podcasts, or episodes of digital audio or video files available for listening or downloading on the Internet, is becoming popular recently. A lot of things are being talked about in podcasts but there are some that particularly uplifts the women spirit.

Here are the top 5 podcasts that celebrate, educate and empower women and girls:

#1 - Goal Digger: A workshop-style business podcast, Goal Digger is definitely helpful for those who want to learn more about online business, marketing strategies, among others. Marketing guru Jenna Kutcher, who is also a photographer, artist, and businesswoman, hosts the podcast.

#2 - Myleik Teele’s Podcast: Myleik Teele, the founder of curlBOX, a natural hair care product subscription box, shares through her podcast the things she learned along her way to success. Also a new mother, she talks about fresh insights on motherhood.

#3 - WorkParty: Celebrate every women's success in work through the WorkParty podcast hosted by Create & Cultivate CEO and author of WorkParty, Jaclyn Johnson. It tackles topics from the art of negotiating, raising money to creating the killer tagline.

#4 - Women Rule: Just the title of the podcast speaks for itself and it certainly lives up for it. Every week, its host Anna Palmer of Politico interviews different women who rule in their field and discuss what it takes for a woman to lead.

#5 - #MomsGotThis: Hosts Michelle Park and Stacy Igel interview inspiring and accomplished women covering the different areas of their life including career, adventures, work-life balance, self-care, kids, almost anything under the sun.